How do I get my dog started as a day care/boarding client at Pups & Mutts?

  1. Set up a personal account on our customer portal, enter your Pups information and upload vaccinations and request a reservation.  Or
  2. Click the hyperlinks to fill out the Pet Profile form and read and sign our Client Agreement and we will set your account up.  
  3. Provide your dog’s vaccinations record.  Please have your vet email or fax the vaccination records to us. These can be emailed to or faxed to 512-268-9165.   By signing the Client Agreement, you will be authorizing your vet to release those records to Pups & Mutts.
  4. We will monitor boarding guest for temperament style on their first day.  This will allow us to determine if they are a good fit for Day care or will need individual play time during their stay with us.